Bevara Building Services

Building maintenance made simple.

Customized Service

Bevara exists to eliminate your stress, while adding value to your property.

You can think of our services in three categories.

  1. Full Service Facility Management: Bevara is the one point of contact for all your facility maintenance needs.
  2. Building Maintenance: Bevara is able to provide an on-site professional to dedicate his/her time to your facility on a full-time basis.
  3. Mobile Maintenance: Bevara is able to provide services on an as needed basis.

Bevara can handle all of your facility needs in any capacity.

Both Building and Mobile Maintenance have Proactive and Reactive services.  If those categories do not suit your needs at first glance, rest assured we will guarantee your property operates how it should to prevent issues or to fix them as they arise.  We offer every service necessary to support the life of your building, while making your life easier.