Bevara Building Services

Areas of Expertise

Bevara’s highly trained professionals maintain cutting-edge industry knowledge and the capability of servicing today’s buildings and systems.  Our integrated technology increases communication and improves quality and accountability.  We apply strategic management processes, operate on your schedule, and perform ongoing preventative maintenance to deliver consistent, optimal facility operations.

Bevara maintains hundreds of facilities and millions of square feet of office, industrial, retail, healthcare, education and government facilities each day.  We offer an integrated approach to commercial facilities maintenance with a wide range of superior quality, cost-effective and flexible services tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Office

    Outsourcing your maintenance needs to Bevara provides you with a company that has vast expertise to self-perform most services.

    We’ll handle everything from the parking lot to the rooftop, giving you the peace of mind that your property is being cared for according to your standards. Our industry experts and technology-enabled workforce provide first-rate care to enhance your facility’s performance and ensuring tenant retention. Bevara has done the same for countless business offices, from small office buildings to corporate campuses, office parks and other high-traffic facilities.

  • Industrial

    Bevara has the flexibility and resources to provide facility services throughout the country – according to your schedule, without ever inconveniencing your staff or interrupting production. 

    Your bottom line will benefit from Bevara’s expertise with industrial maintenance.  Industrial facilities from all types of industries look to us for expert services.  We offer a qualified, professional workforce combined with proven manufacturing plant facility services and leading-edge technology.  

  • Retail

    Bevara understands that every location, especially high-end retailers, have specialized requirements.

    Our technicians specialize in the attention to detail that the retail environment requires.  A retailer’s brand image is one of its most important assets. Contracting with one retail maintenance services provider helps keep a consistent image from store to store. As a national facilities maintenance company, we provide consistency while saving you time and money on administrative tasks, because we can service all locations under a single contract.  Our well-trained workforce, proven maintenance processes and leading-edge technology enable us to maximize your maintenance dollar. 

  • Multi-Family

    The attention to detail we apply in our commercial buildings is matched in our performance for our residential properties.  

    You may hire us for one service or for a fully integrated service management program.  Bevara offers a professional workforce combined with proven maintenance processes and leading-edge technology. Bevara is your single point of contact that frees management staff and homeowners’ associations of hassles, so that you can focus on creating a pleasant atmosphere for your resident.

  • Medical

    Bevara can achieve efficiency in your day-to-day operations and create an environment that is as safe and up to healthcare standards.  

    Regardless of the patients you serve or treatments you provide, Bevara can help you handle your work orders with ease.  Account settings tailored to healthcare, along with preventive maintenance programs, help you move quickly through implementation so you can focus on managing and anticipating your facility’s needs.  Bevara provides documentation to show that your maintenance and inspections follow the appropriate guidelines.

  • Education

    From the parking lot to the classroom and beyond, Bevara offers maintenance services that give your school a top notch image.

    Our technicians provide general maintenance for institutions just like yours.  Our services can accommodate a complete spectrum of educational facilities, from the student center at small, private schools to the dorms and educational buildings at large, public universities.  We offer a qualified, professional workforce combined with maintenance processes and leading-edge technology.

  • Government/Controlled Access

    Bevara understands your mission support services must be comprehensive, reliable, and cost effective.  

    We provide expert facilities and support services for government entities of all types.  This allows us to offer a breadth of quality operations, maintenance and repair services, construction and energy solutions experts; whenever and wherever you need.