Bevara Building Services

Bevara Services

Bevara offers a wide array of services to maintain, preserve and enhance the operation and property values of all property types. Keeping in accordance with our client’s needs, our licensed technicians provide responsive, thorough and professional service on-time and on-budget.

  • General Maintenance & Repair

    Our trained and certified service technicians are capable of servicing all aspects of today’s buildings and systems and continue to learn the trades through higher education and hands on experience.

    General Maintenance Services Include:

    • Door and window repair and replacement
    • Locksmith service (repairs, new locks, re-keying)
    • Appliance repair and replacement
    • Flooring repairs
    • Gutter cleaning
    • Ceiling tile replacement
    • Basement clean up
    • Mechanical room cleaning
    • General area cleaning
    • General building upkeep
    • Landscape clean up
    • Pressure washing
    • General cleaning
    • Apartment maintenance checks
    • Apartment turnovers
    • Vacancy checks
    • Preventative maintenance programs
    • Lighting ballast and lamp replacement
  • Preventative Maintenance

    Bevara’s trained professionals conduct systematic inspections to detect and correct potential system irregularities that may result in major equipment failure.

    Inspections are recorded so that the data can be examined on a regular basis which enables Building Managers to budget for capital expenditures with the planned replacement of assets to prevent catastrophic system failure. This also gives Bevara the ability to track warranties on equipment.

    • Jockey Pump Test
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Emergency/Exit light testing
    • Fire Pump Test
    • Roof Inspection
    • Exhaust Fan check 
    • Fire Alarm Testing
    • Restroom PM
    • Air handler PM
    • Sprinkler PM
  • Electrical

    Our certified and licensed electricians have the expertise to address any project.

    We can inspect and regularly test wiring connections to maintain code and standards for your building. Our technicians also have the ability to upgrade your facility to advanced energy saving lighting control systems. Electrical services are also crucial when outfitting spaces for new tenants. We work with construction teams to help outfit and retrofit spaces for each specific tenant’s needs. Additionally we offer an analysis for green technologies to promote energy efficiency and savings.

    Electrical Services Include:

    • New construction build out
    • Tenant remodels and upgrades
    • Design build services
    • Energy updates – rebate program through Focus on Energy
    • Quarterly lighting inspection and repair programs
    • Monthly exit/egress lighting checks
    • Parking lot/exterior building light repairs and installations
    • Breaker panel service and additions
    • Troubleshooting and maintenance of electrical equipment
    • Server room power options
    • Tenant sub-metering
    • Daylight harvesting/occupancy sensors
    • Infrared building scan
    • Machinery wiring
    • Ballast and bulb services
    • Exit and emergency light installations to conform with Comm16

    Green Technologies/Building Analysis:

    • Perform an analysis and report of building’s energy efficiency and provide list of options to offer energy savings or utilize green technologies
    • Install new and retrofit LED lighting for parking lot lighting
    • Install new and retrofit LED lighting for parking lot lighting
    • Install new and retrofit LED lighting for parking garages
    • Update interior lighting
    • Install daylight harvesting or occupancy sensors
    • Provide information on available government incentives, i.e. Focus on Energy

    *only certain states apply

  • Plumbing

    Bevara helps our clients get the most life out of their current plumbing system and often can save on expensive repairs or replacement costs.

    When repair or replacement is necessary, Bevara will provide quality work for an honest price.

    Plumbing Services Include:

    • Water leak repairs
    • Water heater repair and replacement
    • Water heater element replacements
    • Winterizing
    • Hose bib repairs and replacement
    • Faucet repairs and replacement
    • Shut off valve repair and replacement
    • Drain cleaning and unclogging
    • 24/7 emergency response and repairs
    • Sink replacement
    • Floor drain flushing
    • Urinal and toilet repair and replacement
    • Pipe capping
    • Garbage disposal repair and replacement
    • Run water lines to appliances

    *only certain states apply

  • Fire Protection

    Bevara believes that by working together, fire inspections will greatly reduce the occurrence of injury and the impact of a fire in your business.

    State and local fire codes require that every business receive a regular fire inspection.

    Fire Protection Services Include:

    • Quarterly fire system testing
    • Annual fire system scheduling and testing
    • Fire extinguisher servicing
    • Fire panel repairs and replacements
    • Fire drills
    • Emergency and exit light repairs, testing and logging
    • Emergency back-up generator testing and logging
    • Jockey Pump Testing
    • Fire Pump Testing

    *only certain states apply

  • Site Cleaning

    Bevara’s construction cleaning service is labor-intensive and can often involve heavy lifting, ladder work and debris removal.

    Our cleanup crews will make sure all construction sites are clean and safe. Our duties can include hauling away the last of the construction debris and general cleanup in preparation for your staging or deep cleaning crew to come in.